Employee training

Training of the employees of external service is a necessary condition for the development of personnel as a whole and helps to strengthen the competitive advantages of the Company “Zdorovye”.

We strive to ensure that every employee shares our commitment to be professional and successful, could contribute to the development of the company! Therefore, we pay much attention to personnel training.

Main areas of training are:

  • Further training of middle managers (regional representatives and supervisors), purpose of which is formation of a unified understanding of the specifics of the business, modern approach to business process management, establishment of an effective cohesive team.
  • Further training of field forces, with the purpose to form their professional communication skills, special knowledge in the field of medicine and pharmacy, personal qualities of a successful person.
  • Our company encourages employees commitment to professional development. Energetic, dynamic employee, professionally performing his/her duties, has the ability to move up the career ladder. To train such employees was created School of personnel reserve.
  • The Company pays particular attention to the development of newly hired employees. In the first months of work they begin to form an idea about their future in the Company. For new employees is designed the onboarding system, intense training allowing new employees easier and faster to master professional duties

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