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Pharmaceutical company «Zdorovye» - the flagship of the domestic pharmaceutical industry is a modern high-tech enterprise whose production level meets all international requirements applied to medicines.
The company has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice of the European Union.
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Pharmaceutical company «Zdorovye»:
More than 350
items of medical products of all pharmacotherapeutic groups.
110 years
experience of work.
Company is in the TOP 5
of the most biggest manufactures of medical products in Ukraine.
The third by the volume manufacturer
of ampoule medical products in Ukraine.
Leader by the volume of sales of medicines
into CIS countries among Ukrainian manufacturers.
Investment into new drugs development
that allow to introduce to the market 20-30 generic products and 1-2 original products per year.
Constant investment
into technical re-equipment and personnel training.
Compliance of conditions
of production and quality control system to the requirements of GMP.
High quality of bought raw materials
effective technologies, staff skills and experience, and the main thing - unique by their characteristics, safeness and suitable in use medical products.
13 original medical products
Apiprost, Glutargin, Glutargin Alcoclean, Inflarax, Cardioarginin-Zdorovye, Artiphlex, HappyDerm plus, Plantaglucide-Zdorovye, Proalor, Fakovit, Phytolyt, Fladex, Florised-Zdorovye
More than 1500
of highly experienced staff (nine persons with scientific degree of Ph.D. and two with DSc).
11 sites
certified by GMP.
Active participation in educational projects
creation of industrial pharmacy and economy department on the production basis of the company, single in Ukraine, located on the territory of pharmaceutical plant.
in various social projects
Production capacities allow
to produce 97 mln ampoules and 3,8 mln carpoules, 1,35 bln packs of tablets, 30 mln bags with powder, 36 mln packs of granules, 12,4 mln packs of capsules, 6 mln balloons of aerosols and balloons /vials of sprays, 5,8 mln units of finished products of soft dosage forms, 8,1 mln units of finished products of liquid dosage forms per year.
national and international wins and awards.
Existence of company management
on the bases of international standards requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015.
The company is the base for practical training
of students of National Pharmaceutic Academy of Ukraine, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic University”, Kharkiv National V.N. Karazin University , People's Ukrainian Academy . Each year about 200 students of these universities have training on the basis of LLC "Pharmaceutical Company "Zdorovye".
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