The Pharmaceutical Company “Zdorovye” won the ranking study of the Favorites of Success contest!


According to the results of an independent study of consumer preferences, held as part of the annual Favorites of Success brand competition in Ukraine, the Artiflex brand manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Zdorovye won the Favorites of Success rating as the best consumer choice and reliable professional recommendation.
The Artiflex brand deservedly won the nomination due to the fact that Artiflex is the only brand in Ukraine that allows you to choose the optimal treatment for diseases of the joints and spine, depending on the stage of the process, the age of the patient and the presence of concomitant diseases.

So, in Ukraine, under the Artiflex brand, 5 drugs are sold:
1. Artiflex powder is a concentrated chondroprotector with the ability to conveniently treat the initial stages of joint and spinal diseases with the drug only 1 time per day.
2. Artiflex Plus - a combined chondroprotector for the reliable treatment of diseases of the joints and spine at all stages of the disease.
3. Artiflex ultra - a three-component drug for the rapid relief of pain during exacerbation of diseases of the joints and spine.
4. Artiflex chondro - an injection chondroprotector for the treatment of diseases of the joints and spine in the later stages and in severe cases.
5. Artiflex cream is an original combination preparation for local treatment of diseases of the joints and spine, as well as for pain relief from injuries, bruises and sprains in adults and children from 12 years old.
From year to year, the Artiflex brand did not stand still. The constant development, the entry into the market of new drugs, the development of the original composition allowed the Artiflex brand to earn the recognition of consumers and healthcare professionals.


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