Support for athletes and repair of the hall. The pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye" has been cooperating with the Kharkiv School of Physical Culture No. 1 for 12 years


Pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye" is actively developing freestyle wrestling in Kharkov. The company finances young wrestlers, repairs halls and holds large-scale sports tournaments.

Kharkiv State Higher School of Physical Education No. 1 is one of the best in the country. 13 sports departments work here and more than 460 pupils study. Every year Kharkiv School of Physical Culture No. 1 delegates the best athletes to the national teams of Ukraine.

The school has been collaborating with “Zdorovye” since 2008. Every year on the Day of Physical Culture we determine the top ten athletes. The company rewards them with valuable gifts, constantly joins tournaments and financially supports novice athletes. In 2015, they helped repair the wrestling hall,” says Yury Nazarenko, Director of Kharkiv School of Physical Culture No. 1

The company financially supports not only school of physical education No. 1, but also the region’s sports sector as a whole. After all, healthy and strong youth is the key to the successful future of our country.

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