Social initiatives on the occasion of the St. Nicholas Day


The «Zdorovye» Company closed the ongoing year of 2017 with charity events timed to coincide with the St. Nicholas Day, among them, there are the opening of new diagnostic rooms for pensioners and gifts not only for children, but also for parishioners of Orthodox churches, veterans and disabled people.

For 2016-2017 more than 3 thousand pensioners of the Kievskii district were examined! Next year, the management of the «Zdorovye» Company plans to increase the total number of visitors up to six thousand persons. Due to timely examination in these rooms, suspicions of the heart attack among a number of visitors were revealed in advance, they were sent for an additional examination in the health facility at the place of their residence.

On the Day of St. Nicholas, the eighth diagnostic laboratory in Piatikhatki was opened.

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