Repair and purchase icons. Alexander Dorovskoy Charitable Foundation "Zdorovye" has been supporting the Peter and Paul Church for over 20 years


The Alexander Dorovskoy Foundation has been cooperating with the Peter and Paul Church for over 20 years. According to Archpriest Valentin Kovalchuk, a lot of work has been done here during this time:

“Alexander Viktorovich has been participating in the life of our church for many years. And to this day, restoration lasts - paint the walls. The assembly hall is under construction, where we regularly hold Sunday and children's meetings, holidays”.

With the support of the foundation, walls were repaired in the temple in previous years. Considerable attention is also paid to interior decoration: they installed new stained-glass windows, made an iconostasis, new side thrones on the left and right sides, and gilded the icons.

At the church, the Church and Sunday School of St. Basil the Great. There, children study in different circles, several age groups of the choir work. The foundation helped renovate a large hall where students can arrange concerts.

On Sundays after the “Zdorovye” service, all believers are treated to free lunches. People are grateful for the initiative and care.

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