Pharmaceutical company "Zorovye" has transferred the most modern automatic immunological analyzer to the city clinical multidisciplinary hospital №17


Advanced equipment and personal protective equipment is essential for doctors to counteract COVID-19. Pharmaceutical company "Zorovye" transferred an automatic immunological analyzer to the 17th city hospital so that it would be possible to examine Kharkiv residents for coronavirus infection more quickly and better.

The company is actively helping Ukrainian doctors. After all, they are now at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

So, since the beginning of the pandemic, the "Zorovye" company has already supported the doctors of a number of medical facilities. Help from the company was received - Vinnytsia City Clinical Hospital No. 1, Kharkov Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, Kharkov City Clinical Hospital No. 13, Kiev Military Medical Department of the Security Service of Ukraine.

On June 17, Kharkov City Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital No. 17 received help.

The eCL8000 is a new generation of diagnostic tools. The device has many advantages. Among them is automation: all modules are interconnected in a single analyzer, absolute accuracy, simultaneous use of 10 types of reagents, user-friendly operation process, color touch screen. Mass screening of 30 blood samples for COVID 19 is done in 18 minutes.

In addition to determining coronavirus in human blood, the eCL8000 immunological analyzer allows you to diagnose 42 indicators of various body systems: identifying markers of inflammation, metabolism, cardiomarkers, cancer markers, and analyzing thyroid function.

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