An international freestyle wrestling tournament in memory of Leonid Dunay was held in Kharkov with the support of the pharmaceutical company “Zdorovye”.


On January 17, the Lokomotiv Sports Palace hosted the anniversary freestyle wrestling tournament in memory of Leonid Dunay. The general sponsor of the event was the pharmaceutical company “Zdorovye”. More than 450 participants from Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, France, Moldova, Belarus and other countries attended the annual tournament.

These are boys and girls under the age of 17 years.
The main goal of the competition is to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people.

This is the tenth tournament in memory of Leonid Aleksandrovich Dunay - an honored coach of Ukraine, a wonderful person who trained a galaxy of talented athletes. I hope that the wrestlers participating in these competitions will defend the honor of their country in the European, World and Olympic Games over time” says Alexander Dorovskoy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of pharmaceutical company “Zdorovye”.

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