Dorovskoi Alexander

Post. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LLC "Pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye".

Biography. Born May 21, 1960.

5.08.1977-16.01.1981 - military service;

In 1984 he graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture.

14.01.1986-02.02.1988 - military service;

15.10.1998-9.09.1999 - head of the technical department of maintenance and service of JSC "Pharmaceutical company " Zdorovye ";

10.09.1999-04.02.2002 - Technical Director of LLC "Pharmaceutical company " Zdorovye ";

From 14.02.2002 to the present time, the general director of "Pharmaceutical company " Zdorovye".

In 2007 he graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Pharmacy.

The science. Academic degree "Doctor of Economics" specialty "Economy and management of national economy", Professor, Head of the Department of Industrial Pharmacy and NUPh economy.

Titles and awards. Order "For Merit" third degree in 2004, the Order "For Merit" second degree in 2013, the Order "Pride of the Country" for significant contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye" and maintain its positive reputation (2015), the medal "For Service "2004 medal" Businessman of Ukraine "in 2004, was awarded a diploma of the Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine, 2002 Diploma of the winner of the IV National rating of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine in the nomination" The best leader in the production of "2003 commemorative gold mark of 2003 city, honorary award "St. Sofia" in 2004, an honorary diploma of the pharmaceutical management oF 2004 certificate of honor in 2004, the Kiev regional council, honorary diploma of Ukraine pharmaceutical Association, 2004 Merit from the MIA of Ukraine «for assistance to the bodies of internal affairs of Ukraine» 2005 diploma of the winner of the international competition "European quality" in 2005, the title of "Distinguished pharmacist of Ukraine" in 2008, the winner of the national program Man of the year 2009 in the category "Manager of the year" was awarded a diploma from the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, on the occasion International volunteer day with gratitude for volunteer activities, charitable assistance and active citizenship, the UOC order "Holy Apostolic Grand Duke Vladimir of III degree" 2003 Order "Holy Apostolic Grand Duke Vladimir," for the support of the Ukrainian Orthodox church and spiritual revival in 2015

Social activity. In 2015 - Vice-President of the Wrestling Association of Ukraine. Patron engaged in social projects in the city of Kharkiv: Kharkiv sponsorship of federation of wrestling, guardianship Komarovsky orphanage, the revival of Orthodox churches and help the city of Kharkiv.

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