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At LLC "Pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye" in 2007 was established a section for pharmaceutical development and analytical studies, which are now united in the department of pharmaceutical development and analytical studies (OFRiAI).

The aim of the created department - is the development of new products in-house, and the main purpose of pharmaceutical development - is the development of high-quality products and their manufacturing process.

As it is known, the quality should be integrated into the preparation and laid still in its development, therefore, for the development of our company it is very important to have the structure of R & D, corresponding to modern requirements. In the arsenal of the department highly qualified specialists (engineers, researchers, chemists). Lab card is equipped with modern laboratory analytical and process equipment, allowing to carry out the development of new pharmaceutical products in solid dosage forms, soft drugs, sterile and non-sterile liquid medicines, phytochemical substances, as well as other dosage forms. In-house developed generic (bioequivalent) and original products, or the products, and modifications of existing ones.

On the basis of our experimental laboratory investigations are carried out following:

  • pharmaco-technological,
  • physico-chemical, comparison in vitro studies to confirm the equivalence of drugs in a solid dosage form;
  • development and validation of analytical methods, equipment and other cleaning methods;
  • studying of stability of pharmaceutical development and throughout the product life cycle, in order to achieve the desired quality of the guarantee with regard to the safety for the consumer;
  • As well as technology transfer and analytical techniques are in full-scale production.

The analytical laboratory is certified by the Department in the State Enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Research Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification", as well as in the State Service of Ukraine on drugs for conducting investigations in accordance with certification.

In 2016 – 2017 the creation of a new laboratory and technology center for pharmaceutical development is planned (total area of 500 m2), equipped with a modern laboratory and pilot production equipment. This will give the opportunity to expand our range of products not only through the development of generic drugs on the existing equipment, but will also develop a new perspective dosage forms with predetermined functional characteristics and original molecules.

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